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Pukuna-Farms  Produce and exports exotics fruits  from Ecuador And Peru  in an easy and effective way. Collaborating with farmers in the regions of Palora, Imbabura,Ambato, Riobamba  and Piura  we can offer a wide range of fresh products of high quality.

Our customers are mainly wholesalers and distributors in Singapore , Hong Kong , the UK and Usa . 

We have established a stable group of customers that allows us to offer smoother logistic and better service to our customers. 

We have long experience in the field, both as growers and as commercials, which makes us understand the needs of both sides. We are well aware of the challenges that the growers face and believe that their hard work deserves a fair price. On the other hand the customer should always get the products delivered in good conditions and with professional service. Pukuna Farms brings the products from the grower directly to the customer in an effective way, Making the chain as short as possible to reduce costs. 


We make the perfect balance between the grower and the customer, by making it smooth, simple and professional!

Magnolias Y Miguel Angel 

170904 , Cumbaya  

Quito - Ecuador 




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